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25.08.2014 07:09
Unfallgefahr durch Handschuh - Kordelzug Antworten

Hallo @ all,

aus dem Nova Newsletter und dem DHV-Forum entnommen, möchte ich folgenden Link zur Unfallprävention einstellen:

Hi Community,
This flight ended with a serious injury of my back. So it might seem odd that I post this comment. BUT: I think and I hope that you can benefit from reading this. And maybe what happened to me can help to avoid accidents of you!
I was flying home in perfect calm evening conditions, 10 km/h westerly tailwind, sunny hillside in front of me. I flew half bar, arms at C-risers, got smooth climb, released bar and at the same time started to turn. I suddenly realized that my arm won‘t come down and that the speed system was not fully released on the turning side… I instantly used weightshifting and made it parallel to the steep slope – but not enough: the outer A-line was caught by a tree and I smashed into the slope within seconds.
What had happened? Im not 100% sure because of the short time to realize it. But it looks like my glove's drawcord, which has an app. 4 mm flat rectangle plastic piece, got caught in the speed bar pulley. This resulted in a total block, no chance to release with my arm's power.
Luckily, the rescue worked fast and efficient, I’m out of hospital now, 2 spines broken, fixed with a lot of titan, but looks like I will fully recover…

• Check your gloves (and all your gear) for pieces than can get caught in the pulley (or lines or risers)
• Give yourself 5 seconds longer for a turn than I did...

Happy Landings,

*´¨ )
¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•>grüße Udo

Der Spass am Fliegen ist an der Breite des Grinsens zu Sehen, nicht an der Schirmklasse.

Interpunktion und Orthographie dieses Beitrages ist frei erfunden.
Eine Übereinstimmung mit aktuellen oder ehemaligen Regeln wäre rein zufällig und ist nicht beabsichtigt.

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